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FYIThere is no need to contact your existing supplier to discontinue your service. Our suppliers handle all the necessary steps to ensure no interruption of service and the continuation of the same reliable energy. NOTICE,If you currently have electricity ensure agreement has expired in order to avoid incurring a fee. If you select Brilliant Energy or Texpo Energy you will not be able to participate in our Non-Profit Community Care Program (NPCCP) and our Residential Referral Program (RRP). Currently serving Texas but position to serve 15 states as early as second quarter 2017. TIP: In Texas always be aware of your usage history in order to select supplier that is sensitive to your usage pattern. See supplier Electricity Facts Label (EFL) regarding usage disclosure then check your current billing statement and/or billing history.

IMPORTANT:  Please read below information and if you are interested in receiving support for your Non-Profit, complete below form. This is a NO COST and no enrollment limit program which allows Neighbors Energy to provide unlimited support for our Non-Profits.

Because of our humanitarian efforts we believe positioning our Non-Profits to be able to finance activities and volunteering our time will better assist our Non-Profits with enhancing their support in the communities they serve. Such as aid in healing our sick, promoting top notch education, job training, positive community involvement in obtaining a comprehensive development of our children and young adults.  In summation, our community objective is to make our communities as well versed as possible by helping all embrace a pinnacle standard of living.  Areas of primary interest are Youth Sports, Spiritual Organizations, Children’s Hospitals, School Districts, Community Outreach Programs, and similar establishments. Neighbors Energy look forward to not only providing comprehensive energy service but also continue to evolve as a devoted upholder of our communities. See details below. 

How does it work?

Very easy! Let’s say you have XYZ Organization (ORG) in which 200 members say YES, I want to go with ABC Energy Company I located by way of Neighbors Energy.

  • Neighbors Energy will donate $10 per, enrollment. 
  • No enrollment limit & NO COST
  • 200 participants X $10 per, Neighbor Enrollment = $2000 for your ORG!
  • $100 contribution is added when physical organization enrolls.
  • 200 Neighbors Enrolled + $100 for physical ORG = $2100 for your ORG!


  • If you would like your organization to participate contact us and/or complete below form
  • Participants select 6 month plan or better.
  • Remit payment for balance due.
  • Disbursements will be deposited in account of your choice.
  • Based on new Neighbors who have remitted payment in the prior 8 weeks.
  • Your organization must be on file with us in order to participate.
  • Only authorized personnel within your ORG may complete form.

IMPORTANT: Regarding your Org. receiving support please remember to complete below form. For our neighbors who are submitting below form, it is not necessary to enroll in a personal energy plan in order for your Org to participate. When completing below form enter the Secure Submission Characters as they are displayed. For instance, if characters are 123ABc therefore, enter 123ABc and no need to adhere to spacing between characters. If characters are not legible simply press the U turn arrow to view a different set of characters. Wishing you the very best in elevating your community!

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What We Do

We want to see our neighbors benefit from 10 year low rates regarding the SAME energy (electricity & gas) they use daily.
Our Non-Profit Community Care Program (NPCCP) is a great way to support your favorite non-profit organization.
We want our neighbors to know how substantial the savings can be.
For a customized energy solution/quote for your business and/or organization you may phone or fax us @ 888-511-3299 or click here to complete a short form.