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There is no need to contact your existing supplier to discontinue your service. Our suppliers handle all the necessary steps to ensure no interruption of service and the continuity of the same reliable energy. Your energy will continue to transmit to your home and/or organization by your same local utility company. NOTICE, if you currently have electricity ensure agreement has expired in order to avoid incurring a fee. Currently serving Texas but position to serve 15 states as early as second quarter 2017.

  • Deregulation provide choices & substantial savings for our neighbors.
  • No COST associated with our services.
  • We can cater to your unique usage patterns and/or needs.
  • We offer both traditional energy & renewable/green energy.
  • Non-standard credit, no issue. Call for consultation.
  • Helpful customer service.
  • Enjoy perks such as loyalty and promotions.
  • Quick process to select energy provider.
  • We have relationships with our nation top tier suppliers.

Why should I choose Neighbors Energy versus going directly with the provider?

  1. We have established relationships with our nation top tier providers and due to the outstanding relationships and helping our suppliers consistently surpass quarterly projections we are able to negotiate sought after energy plans.
  2. Other advantages is that Neighbors Energy receive no salary, wages, marketing funds or fringe benefits which allow us to offer ultra competitive rates. Furthermore, our suppliers compete furiously due to our deregulated markets help to drive down rates. Regardless of whether traditional energy or renewable/green energy.
  3. Therefore, rigorous research and shopping suppliers is ongoing in an effort to bring our neighbors market best energy plans.

Remember to inquire about our NO COST NonProfit Community Care Program (NPCCP).

Neighbors Energy was founded on the idea of ensuring all our neighbors remain in the loop regarding the government enactment of deregulated energy which gives you the option to select your energy provider. We want to see our neighbors (Residential, Commercial, Non-Profit, Government) benefit from 10 year low rates regarding the SAME electricity & gas they use daily. Our objective is to share valuable information regarding deregulated energy which includes NO COST consultation before and after enrollment.

Consultation is based on a side-by-side comparison. (Your Plan vs New Plan) Also our NPCCP is a great way to support your favorite non-profit organization and helps to elevate our communities. We offer an array of plans to fit all energy needs. When ready to benefit from an optimal energy plan we look forward to ensuring our Neighbors have the most suitable option based on their unique needs. 

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What We Do

We want to see our neighbors benefit from 10 year low rates regarding the SAME energy (electricity & gas) they use daily.
Our Non-Profit Community Care Program (NPCCP) is a great way to support your favorite non-profit organization.
We want our neighbors to know how substantial the savings can be.
For a customized energy solution/quote for your business and/or organization you may phone or fax us @ 888-511-3299 or click here to complete a short form.